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Welcome to Mardi Jo Photography

I aim to create a sense of calm through my work, as though you are wandering along a bronze beach, exploring the warm tones of the desert or standing under the tallest of mountains. When we are in awe of nature we can truely feel connected to ourselves and the environment. 



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A little about me.... A lover of the ocean and all coastlines, whether they are untouched and rugged, or full of people, surfing and enjoying the sun. During the winter I'm drawn towards the mountains, and capturing snow covered trees and cabins. My drone accompanies me on many adventures, which is a perspective I just adore. 

My love of landscape and lifestyle photography has always been a big part of my creative life. 

I'm based in Adelaide, but always seeking new adventures to beautiful places. 

I hope you enjoy looking through my artworks, and that they may bring you a sense of calm or inspiration. 

New works will keep appearing.

Mardi  x


Limited editions and signed by the 


Bronze and Tea Tree _edited.jpg

A range of sizes and options for your



Printed on quality archival paper in


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