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Selecting the perfect artwork to suit a particular space can be a challenge. I like to imagine the space it will fill and then what emotion I'd like the piece to evoke. In a bedroom I'd opt for a calming piece with subtle colours, whereas in an office space I'd choose one with movement and colour.

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About Our Leather
Wooden Floor Dinning Room


I'd always recommend professional framing to ensure the longevity of the print and to make sure it is structurally secure in the frame. It can however be costly and so my small and medium prints are made to fit common diy frames.
I am happy to offer free advice on what sort of wood, colour and mounting board I feel would suit your space.  
Please use the contact page to ask any questions you may have.


Custom Sizing

Perhaps you have a wall in your home that needs something a little bigger. It can be filled! 

If there is a space you have that needs a specific size print, then we can work out the measurements and cost together. There will be limits to printer sizes available but I will endeavour to make your dreams a reality.

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